Let's Work Together

Have an interest in film production, animation/CGI , or special effects and would like to work on documentaries for God? Email us at services@aocnet.org 

Online Evangelism:

Another way to get involved in this work for The Kingdom, is to share it online. Our documentaries are created to be useful tools for online evangelism. When you share these videos on Facebook, Twitter, internet forums/groups, etc... you are joining alongside this work. The videos are able to reach others for Christ due to Ambassadors (You) of King Jesus being led to share them! 

One helpful way to share a video would be to copy the youtube link and share it on your social media platforms... and in texts. Also, when sharing them, be sure to mention how the documentary  spoke to you (this helps others see that you are sharing something meaningful and not just spamming links).

And so, we Thank You for representing God's Kingdom with us online. When we see our King, may we all hear a resounding "well done!".

Creatively Share The Youtube Links with friends