June 3, 2020

A Tribute to Our Brother Paul

I pray that your journey in Christ is prospering beyond your imagination. If you are not yet experiencing growth in the things of God, worry not. He is not finished working within you. The more you seek his face, watch content concerning him, study his word, and fellowship with others in the faith, the more you will receive insights from God that will take your faith to a new level! I am so excited for you!

Now, I write to you concerning our brother Paul! What a leader, what an Ambassador, and what an Apostle he was. His letters to the believers of his day were filled with such rich theology, and his life was filled with such sacrifice. One goal of AoC Network is to create a project to honor his legacy. We want to honor his labor and sufferings for the Gospel. We also desire to glorify how our Father in Heaven used Paul’s writings to change the world!

Thinking of this brings such joy! For Paul knew that God assigned him with the task to spread the Gospel worldwide. Nevertheless, Paul died before this task was complete. However, as you know, nothing can stop the plans of God! Paul left something behind that God always intended to use…. HIS LETTERS! And behold, the letters of Paul are still reaching the world 2000 years after his death! This is not coincidence…it is the providence and work of God! We will have an upcoming video exploring how God used Paul’s writings, and how God used Paul’s life. Be blessed family in the name of our Lord Jesus.

- AoC Network