June 3, 2020

How Do We Fulfill our Purpose in Life?

Our next episode is in the works and we are excited that it will explore topics that we have not fleshed out before. One primary topic discussed will concern the purpose God has for our lives. This is such an important theme to address. For many feel as if every day is the same as the next, many feel as if they are wandering through life without any real ambitions, aims, goals, passions, or pursuits. So many feel as if the only thing they can look forward to is retirement (if they live to see that day in good health). Sadly, many of us die and take our dreams, potential, and possibilities to the grave. It shouldn’t be this way.

Before we enter Heaven, before we experience the New Earth, God wants to use us on this Earth.  Our recent episode explored how we are all able to be used by God as an Ambassador of his Kingdom. In essence, when you receive Christ, he allows you to work for him in life...before you see him in glory! Therefore, if you have seen our previous episode, you likely have a great hunger to do more for God and to represent him in whatever way you can.

Well, our next project will continue with the next phase: How do we fulfill the Specific purpose/assignment God has for us? 

The scriptures teach that when we pursue God, and love him, he works everything out for our good…according to his purpose (see Romans 8:28). Further, when we commit our works to the Lord, he will establish our plans (see Proverbs 16:3). It is clear, God wants to "work out things for our good", and he desires to "establish our plans" for his purposes.  So what is our part in ensuring that we are aligned with his will?

The Key: Walking in The Spirit!

The scriptures teach the importance of 'Walking in The Spirit', obeying the voice of his Holy Spirit (at all times), and putting God first. When we follow The Holy Spirit, we will arrive at the plan and purpose God has for each of us. And so, our next episode will explore how to effectively walk in the Spirit so that our work as Ambassadors of The King…will receive a “well done” at his return!

Stay tuned for the next episode, it will be solid food! If you would like to support our projects, our Patreon is a great way to do it! We are able to provide special content to those on patreon. Our latest patreon video explores this conversation further as we prepare for the next episode. God bless your journey in Christ.

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