June 20, 2020

How to Complete our God-Given Assignment!

Greetings to you family in Christ…before reading, if you have not yet done so, please see our recent commentary video on Completing our God-Given Assignment…. It will surely bless you.  

Now, it is amazing to see how God is leading our journey in Him. Through these recent episodes, we have been led to Walk in The Spirit, to Work for Him, and to Refine our Gifts for Him!  This is further evidence that God is leading us to make an impact for His Kingdom in these last days.

I pray that as you grow in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you may also grow in the usage of your God-given gifts. As we have recently covered in the “Using our Gifts for God” episode, we first must Walk in the Spirit, and after doing so, we will be led into how to use the gifts and abilities that He has placed within us.  

Also, as the recent commentary mentioned, it is important to not become distracted or narrow minded due to one particular gift or ability God has given us.

It can be so easy to notice something we are good at, and then to spend our entire lives only focusing on doing that one thing. Remember, if we train ourselves to be led by God, we will be led into doing that which will not use just one of our abilities/gifts, but ALL of them in an integrated way to bring Him Glory.  So then, continue seeking Him, continuing refining the gifts you have been given, and trust that God will use them at the right time and in the right way.

 Action Steps for Completing Our Purpose:

  1. Walk in The Spirit  (See Episode)
  2. Discover and Refine our Gifts  (See Episode)
  3. Allow God to Use ALL of our Gifts Together for His Glory (See Commentary)

Stay Tuned for our Upcoming Documentary Film on The Law of Christ! This will be a Big one.

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus continue to bless and lead your journey in Him. – AoC Network