April 17, 2021

It’s TIME to Discuss The Man of Lawlessnees (Next Episode!)

As many of you know, we have released the Kingdom of God Movie! This production was such a pleasure to produce and prepare for.  We covered the Kingdom of God in detail, and even explored the topic so many have requested we cover: The Sabbath!

Pharisees Opposing Jesus Regarding Sabbath

The feedback has been such a blessing. Many have written how the documentary was helpful in bringing more clarity to these themes. Understandably, when producing an hour long documentary covering in-depth biblical topics, there will be much left on the cutting floor. In our recent commentary video, we covered a few elements regarding the Kingdom that were not able to be squeezed into the final cut. Check it out here: Kingdom of God Commentary

Now, we turn our attention towards a matter that is much different. We enjoyed covering the amazing reality of God’s Kingdom…it is Good News after all (Matthew 24:14)!  This next project however, will be more taxing on the mind. Producing content exploring the evils arising in our world always presents unique challenges. Nevertheless, out of duty to our King, the production will come…for we must not only teach about the light, we must also warn about the darkness.

Man of Lawlessness

The next episode will cover the inevitable rise of evil referenced in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 and 2 Peter 3:3. The rise of godless pride that we see emerging in these last days will lead to the rise of The Antichrist (The Man of Lawlessness). God has been preparing us to cover this in a cinematic, educational, and engaging way. That time is now here.

Within the next two months, this project should be released. Please be in prayer with us that God will allow this to be presented in the most effective way for His glory! 

We are working with amazing visual effect artists, musicians, and researchers… if you would like to contribute to this effort of producing free documentaries for God, please consider donating here: AoC Network Giving

Work in Progress visual effects

Thank you for being a part of this work, and we hope that you will enjoy the finished result!

-AoC Network