June 3, 2020

Things to Look for in the ‘Ambassadors of Christ’ Episode!

The new episode on working for God as an ambassador of His Kingdom is now Released! See it Here. All research, study, music production, and editing would not have been possible without the involvement of The Holy Spirit. We are utterly so grateful for God's presence. If there is one thing this production taught us, it is that we can do nothing without his grace and involvement.

God allowed things to flow together in ways only possible with his grace. Thus, as you watch this episode, you will see many connections to previous episodes and various scriptural references through the imagery. One God-inspired idea that came through the production process was the importance of wheat fields. As you know, the scripture often refers to the world as a field, and the people of God as wheat. Jesus mentions that our Father is looking for workers to enter the field, ‘for the workers are few’ (Matthew 9:35-38).

So then, those with detailed eyes will notice the strategic placements of wheat fields and workers tending to the fields throughout the project. We are God's workers and are tasked with working in this world so that he will have more 'wheat' to bring into his Kingdom on the great harvest day! Also, a few characters shown in this episode have experienced Spiritual Growth! Two in particular were shown seeking God through prayer and fasting in our previous two episodes. In this project, they now are being used by God to work for him! Therefore, this fit together very well as it demonstrates how once we seek God…and grow…God uses us for a Kingdom purpose! So keep an eye out for who these two characters are. You will remember them from the previous videos if you are one who pays attention to the details! See our video commentary on this episode Here.

Also, we feature in this episode an amazing film, Woodlawn (2015)! It is a masterfully directed work of art and is based upon a true story. It explores how in 1973, a town on the verge of collapse was brought together through a few individuals who were led to represent Christ at Woodlawn High School! We highly recommend it!

It was a blessing to use this film in our project and to see the work of God in allowing our project to unite with the message of this film. Therefore, as you watch our episode, notice the specific scenes from the Woodlawn movie…and how throughout the progression of the episode, the characters experience seeking God, and ultimately begin working for God!

Lastly, we thank you so much for your support of this work. We will continue to keep the episodes coming each month. You have been sharing each episode in your social media groups, in phone message links, and among your church groups. This has been so helpful. We also invite you to partner with us financially on Patreon. Here you are able to contribute each month to support each project. This ensures that they continue to make an impact for The Kingdom!

Stay tuned for the next episode! It will explore how 'Walking in The Spirit' leads one in finding and fulfilling the calling God has placed upon their life. God bless you and we are praying for you all!

-AoC Network