June 3, 2020

Why This Next Video is Vital!

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus! By God's grace, the next episode is progressing well. Research, writing, and music production are finally complete! Now comes the grueling process of video editing. The thing that is amazing with video editing, is that you are able to see God at work as he allows things to flow and fit in such a way that His story is shown throughout the project! Therefore, even though the next few days will be tedious, we cannot wait to see what God unveils!

As many of you might have gathered by now, each video is ordered to promote a Christ-Centered Biblical foundation. Therefore, our videos range as some may say, “from milk to solid food”. Some of our earlier videos concerned the basics regarding Heaven, the Birth of Christ, the Return of Christ, etc…  More recently, our videos have been led to promote a deeper and more intimate walk with God. Our Fasting video is a prime example of this.

It is not by coincidence, or luck that each episode came when it came. We have noticed the hand of God at work with each release. With that being said, what God is doing with the next project will bring many of our former episodes together. It addresses the question of WHY God has been leading us to seek him with more zeal as of late.

In short, He is preparing us all to work mightily for him and I firmly believe that his Holy Spirit will reveal exactly how he plans to use each gift, talent, ability, and design given to us, for his Glory! The Next Episode will come in two weeks! The one who receives the words spoken therein will never be the same. God bless you family.

- AoC Network