June 2, 2023

Why We MUST Talk About Sin (Next Episode)

It is a blessing to write again to you all. As you may know, we have recently released The Rise of The Antichrist Movie! We are so grateful that is available for you on our Youtube channel. We then released an episode commentary (Before The Mark) to explore more of the events detailed in scripture during the reign of Lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2:3).  

Rise of The Antichrist Documentary

We then planned to release the second Antichrist documentary film (The Unmasking). However, before it could be completed, we were led to address a pressing issue that can wait no further: God’s calling for repentance (Revelation 2:4-5; 3:16). Through many conversations within the global community of believers, general observations on the state of affairs, and much prayer, it has become clear that the issue of “lukewarm” believers must be addressed.

We will explore hell and the parable of The Richman and Lazarus

There are many among the Church who are not only deliberately experimenting with sin, but are willfully living in sinful acts that even the world considers despicable. Such behavior is not becoming of God’s children. We speak much about the Return of Jesus. Yet, when one dies, the hour of judgment has already come upon them. We desire for all within our realm of influence to hear 'Well Done" from The King. The matter of faithfulness and holiness can no longer wait.

Therefore, God has pressed upon Ambassadors of Christ Network to produce a documentary stressing the importance of true repentance. We will explore the words of Jesus concerning sin and lukewarm living. Further, we will expose satanic agendas to bring further corruption upon us through sin-promoting devices. Stay tuned...we so appreciate your prayers for God’s hand upon this project!

Devices in development will allow for unprecentended levels of sin and perversion.

After this is released, The Antichrist Documentary Part 2 will be finished. In fact, we recently released a commentary exploring that and our future episodes. You can watch that here: Update on Future Videos

May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you and keep you.